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As an advocate for assisting the awesome community in Australia that are vapers, our in-house chemist has put this section together to help anyone in need of guidance when doing DIY calcualtions manually.

DIY can seem technical and daunting at first, but rest assured, that its actually not too bad (just time consuming and often a headache!), and can have great payoffs as you learn to tailor flavours and flavour profiles to your specific tastes.

For those wanting to enter the world of DIY head on, doing your own calculations and creaitng your own mixes, there are three tutorials below.

In addition, we have a simple walkthrough on mixing doublers here for you to use.

Click on the links below to access our tutorials.

If you want to DIY in the simplest sense, and arent comfortable with learning the theory and math behind mixing, we recommend using e-liquid-recipes (website), or a mixing app which are widely available. 

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