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We are the Creationists, channeling e-liquid flavours directly from the Gods. A small company based in northern NSW, run by a team of two Aussie vapers, for vapers. 
We first started vaping back in 2010 using old-school KR808 style devices (does anyone remember these, let alone still use them?.... oh, and cartomisers.... carto's.....) and Ego cig-a-likes. After going on and off vaping for years, seeing the technology changing and waiting for batteries to catch up to vapers needs, we finally saw the advent of widespread sub-ohm devices hit the market in 2014 and have been vaping full time ever since. 
Our founder and in-house chemist has been an avid DIY'er for years (you may know him as "Rupert" from various forums, but his name is James), and has been committed to spreading the word of DIY to vapers across the country. After amassing hundreds of recipes over hundreds of hours of trial and error, has decided to offer his mixes to those who dont want to enter the realm of mixing.
For these reaons, Deity Vapour has decided to offer e-liquids to the Australian vaping community that are specifically designed for sub-ohm vapers.
Our e-liquids are designed by our in-house scientist (yes, a real metal-loving guitar-playing chemist) using high quality ingredients sourced from Australia, the United States and Europe. We use high quality flavourants, in addition to USP/BP grade VG and PG in all of our e-liquids. 
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